Subtly subversive... (medievalwombat) wrote in gardendownunder,
Subtly subversive...

kikuyu grass and potato suitcases

Just about to re-launch into my vege garden which I let get a bit out of control because I thought I was moving.... Anyone had any luck fighting Kikuyu Grass? It is the most insidious thing I've ever had to contend with in a garden. The latest thing I've tried is digging the garden bed down to a foot below natural ground level and sifting out every tendril and root I could find. The stuff is still worming its way up around my veges!

And just so I'm not all about asking for advice without giving any..... has anyone tried growing potatoes in suitcases? There is a suitcase shop nearby my place that just dump huge numbers of suitcases out the back that haven't sold. I cut the back off them, put them down on top of the kikuyu lawn, fill it with good compost, chuck in all the potatoes I haven't eaten, and a few months later, I'll have 50 or more new potatoes in each suitcase. :D
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