Tracy (tracicle) wrote in gardendownunder,

Dividing iris rhizomes

Now that it's autumn proper here in Christchurch, I'm in the process of digging up all my dwarf irises and replanting them. I've never moved irises, much less divided them, but they're in a part of the garden that my three-year-old runs over regularly and they're getting beaten up. So I dug them all up yesterday (they actually have some new growth coming up as we've had a mild autumn thus far, and I'm googling up how to divide the rhizomes.

So if you have irises that have been in the ground for three years or more, now is the time to split them to encourage more flowers next season. The tricky part is working out which are the new pieces and which are the old (for discarding), but it looks like it should be obvious. I may take photos of the process for future reference, if anyone is interested.

Our garden is looking very sparse since I lost my lacebark to gall mites. I'm looking for a shrub or small tree to fill the gap. Plus I've just cut back all the paeonies and hellebores to make room for new growth, and there's a whole lot of bare dirt. Time to come up with a new plan!
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